East Suffolk Morris Men - Dances for the 2011 Season

List 1 – The core dances that every man should know:

Adderbury       Lads a’ Bunchum, Blue Bells of Scotland

Bampton         Rose Tree, The Quaker, Shepherd’s Hey (2 by 2).

Bledington      Young Collins.

Fieldtown        Valentine.

Headington     Constant Billy, Blue Eye’d Stranger,

Lichfield          Vandalls of Hammerwitch, Jenny Lind.

List 2 – Dances that all experienced men should know and new men should aspire to know:

Adderbury       Happy Man.

Ascott              Pepper in the Brandy, Country Gardens, Balancy Straw, Brighton Camp, Lollipop Man.

Badby             Beaux of London City, Flowers of Edinburgh, The Maid and the Palmer.

Bampton         Bobbing Around, Step and Fetch Her, The Maid of the Mill.

Bledington      Black Joker, Skirmish, Morning Star, William and Nancy, Cuckoo’s Nest.

Bucknell         Queen’s Delight, Room for the Cuckolds, Saturday Night, Willow Tree.

Ducklington    Lollipop Man.

Fieldtown       Balance the Straw, Banks of the Dee, Country Gardens, Sarah’s Delight, Shepherd’s Hey.

Forest of Dean Winter’s Dream.

Headington     Getting Upstairs, 29th May, Laudnum Bunches, Bean Setting, Hunt the Squirrel.

Hinton             Getting Upstairs.

Ilmington        Bumpus O’ Stretton, Cuckoo’s Nest, Jubilee.

Lichfield         Sheriff’s Ride, Ring o’ Bells.

Oddington      Captain Webb, Young Collins, The Quinton.

Ravensthorpe Shepherd’s Hey.

Sherborne      Monk’s March.

Stanton Harcourt Portsmouth

Wheatley        Shepherd’s Hey, Constant Billy, Processional.

List 3 – dances that should exercise the minds of our experienced dancers!

Adderbury       Princess Royal.

Ascott              Banks of the Dee.

Bledington      Gallant Hussar, Trunkles, Glorisher.

Ducklington    Rambling Sailor, Jockey to the Fair.

Eynsham         Poachers.

Fieldtown       Dearest Dickie, Jockey to the Fair, Glorishers, Lass of Richmond Hill.

Headington     Rigs O’ Marlow.

Ilmington        Maid of the Mill.

Longborough  Loveless, Staines Morris.

Sherborne      Orange in Bloom, Lads a’ Bunchum.

Border: Brimfield, Bromesberrow Heath, Clee Hill, Fanny Frail, Haste to the Wedding, Pershore, Upton upon Severn Handkerchief Dance, Upton upon Severn Stick Dance,

White Ladies Aston

Jigs. Although these are left to individual men, some you might like to try include Bampton – Old Tom of Oxford; Bledington – Lumps of Plum Pudding, Ladies’ Pleasure; Fieldtown – None So Pretty, Nutting Girl, Molly Oxford; Headington – Jockey to the Fair